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Windham Joint Fire District Exploratory - Advisory Committee (J.F.D.E.A.C.)

** Advisory/Recommendation to Village, Council, Mayor & Windham Township Trustees

** Information from meetings held and documents presented and used to form the Advisory/Recommendation

** Newspaper articles and opinions covering the J.F.D.E.A. Committee meetings

** Ongoing information following the Advisory/Recommendation

**Joint Fire District Litigation Material has been updated to include Depositions, Correspondence and Resolution - Click here to view.**

1) The Windham Township Trustees, in their October 4, 2006 letter to Council, ended any further negotiations on an operating agreement. Windham Village Council passed Resolution R-2007-5 on February 20, 2007 to form the J.F.D.E.A. Committee. Prior to the Councils' passage of this resolution, the Windham Township Trustees were hand-delivered a letter at their February 8, 2007 meeting. The letter was signed by Mayor Moore on behalf of Village Council. The February 8, 2007 letter notified the Trustees that the Village Council intended to continue its' pursuit for a Joint Fire District and welcomed the Trustees to join the Village in forming n Exploratory Advisory Committee to look into the pros and cons of a Joint Fire District. The February 8, 2007 letter follows as Number 2. Village Administrator, Maurice Hankins; Council Member, Phil Snyder and Mayor Jim Moore presented the February 8, 2007 letter and provided reasons and encouragement for the Trustees to join this exploration. The letter asked for a response by February 15, 2007 and the response was not received. Village Council moved forward and adopted its' resolution to form the J.F.D.E.A Committee consisting of Village and Township residents, the three (3) Safety Committee members and Village Administrator, Maurice Hankins, as the chairman. Maurice was a prior Windham Firefighter and Assistant Fire Chief.

2) The February 8, 2007 letter

3) Mission Statement of the J.F.D.E.A. Committee

4) The J.F.D.E.A. Committees procedures for obtaining factual documents and information

5) Ohio Revised Code - Creation of Joint Fire District 505.371

6) The following are J.F.D.E.A. Committee Members:

Maurice Hankins
retired Assistant Fire Chief, Village resident, Former Village Mayor
George Bengston
retired Fireman, Village resident, prior Township Trustee
Don Vanderbloom
retired Fireman, Village resident
Jesse Wirick
Township resident
Thom Tauche
Township resident
Phil Snyder
Village resident, Council Safety Committee member
Rachel Barrett
Village resident, Council Safety Committee member, past Village Clerk
Bruce Rininger
retired Fireman, Village resident
Ted St. John
Township resident
Bill Sponaugle
Village resident, Chief of EMS Community Ambulance
Robert Donham
Village resident, Council Safety Committee member