Welcome to the
Village of Windham, Ohio

Welcome to WindhamWelcome to Windham
Notice: The Village of Windham Community Center is unavailable until further notice.

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Village Officials

Robert W. Donham II
Ex-Officio member of all Council Committees
Committee Chair:
Planning / Zoning
330 326-2622 ext. 224
Mayor Robert W. Donham II
Deborah Blewitt
Council President
Committee Chair:
Safety, Personnel & Rules
330 326-6082
Council President, Deborah Blewitt
Rachel Barrett
Council Member
Committee Chair:
Water, Sewer & Storm Sewer
Board of Zoning Appeals
330 326-3906
Council Member, Rachel Barrett
Linda Rininger
Council Member
330 348-8672
Council Member, Linda Rininger
Scott Garrett
Council Member
Committee Chair:
Finance & Audit
330 326-3319
Council Member, Scott Garrett
Phil Snyder
Council Member
Council Member, Phil Snyder
Cheryl Taylor
Council Member
Council Member, Cheryl Taylor

Eric Breiding, Police Chief
330 326-2211 ext. 225
Police Chief, Eric Breiding
Lori Lee
Income Tax Administrator
330 326-2622 ext. 222
Lori Lee, Income Tax Administrator/Utility Specialist
Lindsey Paolella
Utility CLerk
330 326-2622 ext. 221
Lindsey Paolella, Utility Clerk
Cheree Taylor
Fiscal Officer
330 326-2622, ext. 223
Cheree Taylor, Fiscal Officer
Tom Reitz
Village Solicitor
330 562-3156
Tom Reitz, Village Solicitor
Bill Pennington
Village Administrator
Bill Pennington, Village Administrator
David Fall
Street Superintendent
330 352-2515
Street Superintendent, Dave Fall
Tom Brett
Rental Housing Inspector
Zoning Inspector
330 687-6761
Housing Inspector, Tom Brett