Minutes of Safety Meetings
July 05, 2005 6:00pm

Those present were Jim Moore Chairman, Scott Garrett and Robert Donham members, Jess Starkey Mayor, Jack DeSalvo Police Chief, Clair Simpson Fire Chief and Mark Manlove Solicitor.

Chief Jack DeSalvo passed out a standard operation procedure (SOP) for the new Taser M26 conducted energy weapon. A taser gun with cartridge was passed around see. Officer Dale Korman was sent for training on use of the weapon and he is now qualified to train the other police officers. The cost for Daleís training was $200.00. Under number 6 of the SOP there was discussion about treatment for individuals who the taser gun was applied. Fire Chief Simpson said that EMS, EMTís & Medics cannot remove impelled objects according to their protocol and training at Robinson Memorial Hospital. He said that it could be added to the SOP that EMTís, & Medics could transport the individual. Chief DeSalvo said that the trained officer can transport and can remove the impelled object (probe) at the discretion of the on scene Supervisor.

Scott Garrett asked about drug testing procedures under the Police SOP. Chief DeSalvo said that full time officers were tested when they were hired and that any officer can be tested at any time. Jack will bring the SOP on drug testing to the August safety meeting.

There was some discussion about safe clearance around sidewalks and low hanging tree limbs over sidewalks.

Fire Chief Simpson said there was some warranty work to be done by Warren Fire Equipment on July 6, on the new tanker and that he had a radio walkie stolen while on a call a couple weeks ago.

Robert Donham asked about when the Township Trustees would be responding to the Village concerning the future direction of the Fire District and disputed issues? The answer was that would be attending the trustees meeting on July 7 to find out.

C. James Moore
Safety Committee Chairman