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Welcome to WindhamWelcome to Windham
Notice: The Village of Windham Community Center is unavailable until further notice.

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The Windham Village Street Department is responsible for all aspects of repair, snow removal, ice control, traffic signal and right-of-way maintenance and improvement of approximately 8.7 centerline miles of village streets and right-of-ways.

In addition, the Street Department provides snow removal, ice control, traffic signal maintenance and right-of-way maintenance for the three mile portion of Ohio State Route 303 that runs through the Village.

First Energy Company maintains all street lighting within the Village road right-of-ways through a contractual agreement with the Village. It is the Road Department’s mission to “provide to the residents of Windham a level of service that is second-to-none, in thoroughness, timeliness and attention to detail.”

The department is also responsible for the Village’s recycling program located behind the Police Station.

Malfunctioning Streetlights

In the event that a streetlight in your neighborhood is inoperative or malfunctioning, you can report it to the Street Department by completing the online streetlight outage form below, or by calling the Village Clerk at 330.326.2622

Street Light Outage Report Form

When calling to report a malfunctioning light, please provide the street name, closest house number, and if possible, the pole number, which can be found on a metal tag attached to the pole, facing the street .

Please note that decorative poles do not have a tag. In addition, please advise the nature of the problem, i.e. completely out, cycles on and off, always on, etc.