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Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA)

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About Filing Your Income Taxes


Question: Why do I have to file a Village of Windham Income Tax Return?

Answer: Village Ordinance requires everyone 18 years of age and older, who resides within the Village limits, with or without income to file an income tax return. If you are on Social Security, disabled or retired, you should still file an income tax return. If you are running a business outside the Village limits and are performing a service within Village limits, you are required to file an income tax return.


Question: Can I file an extension like I do the Federal return?

Answer: Yes, you can fill out an Extension Form and mail or drop the completed form off at the Income Tax Department, but in order to be valid and acceptable, you must have filed a federal extention. Please take note: filing an extension is NOT an extension to pay the tax due, it is only an extension to file the return.


Question: I moved into Windham last year and nobody told me about income taxes, where can I get the forms?

Answer: The Income Tax Return can be downloaded from this sight or gotten at the Village Administration office (same building where the Police Department is located), at the Library and at the Post Office.


Question: My tax preparer doesn't know anything about Windham income tax, how can I get help in filling out the form?

Answer: If you call 330-326-2622 ext 222. and make an appointment, I will be happy to fill the form out for you. If you can't make it in during regular office hours, you can put your W2's in an envelope marked taxes, I will fill out the return and send you a letter with the amount due if anything is owed.


Question: After I finish my return where do I send it?

Answer: You can mail it to Village of Windham Income Tax; 9621 East Center Street; Windham OH 44288 or you can drop it in the drop box or you can bring it into the office. Remember paying your taxes at the time you file is required and the return must be signed to be considered "filed".


Question: I know I will owe alot of money to the Village, is there a payment plan so I can make payments?

Answer: Yes, the Village has a set payment schedule in effect for all who can't pay the balance due in full or who owe back taxes. A promissory note is signed and monthly payments are required.

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