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Attention Residents

ATTENTION RESIDENTS: Water will be off for approximately 2 hours today August 25th on Bright Dr., Short Dr., and Store Dr. due to a water main break. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cau

Attention Residents!!!

📣📣🚨🚨ATTENTION RESIDENTS🚨🚨📣📣 The water will be OFF on THURSDAY Aug. 5th from approximately 9 am till 12 pm. 💦 The water department will be working in the vicinity of Maple Grove, Community, Cl

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25 set 2021

Genius move to hold the Fall Fest just days before most people get paid. BTW: 9-25-21 WAS the first day of archery deer season. Thanks to all of you at City Hall and members of the city council for destroying 7 months of preparation and planning by having this "festival" today. I'm sure the deer will be more than "pleased" to hear and see the fireworks tonight. I probably won't see any deer for at least a week now.....

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