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Village Residents:

As many of you know that during this State of Emergency regarding COVID-19, The Village of Windham has not disconnected customers due to nonpayment of fees and charges. With that being said, we want to notify our Residents that once this State of Emergency is lifted, we will need payment for the usage of water and sewer utilities.

We have accepted online payments, telephone payments, checks by mail, and payments being dropped off in the drop box at the office. We are asking that you please pay what you can before this State of Emergency is lifted as you will need to be paid to date on your current bill and attempting to pay off past water and sewer bills so you are not subject to disconnection. Per the Governor, this emergency does not give you exemption to not pay your water and sewer utilities.

If you need to know the amount of your water and sewer bill, please contact the Utilities office at 330-326-2622.

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Council Meeting

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